About Us


Tava & Talikins was born 5 years ago and has evolved through various seasons to what it is today. Our focus is on New Zealand made fashion with a difference and we do have a weakness for all things reversible! We believe that fashion should be wearable, comfortable but beautiful! We create timeless feminine pieces that you can wear and wear.  Our lovely stockists can be found over the South Island and beyond. We also sell online and you can find us at some larger shows around the country.

Tava & Talikins is run by Brian & Agnes -  2 lovebirds that met, married and are so blessed to have each other and a bunch of pretty awesome kiddos! When we were still engaged, a friend suggested we would one day run a fashion label (Agnes made her own wedding dress) and we just laughed. Never could we have imagined that a clothing collection was truly on the horizon, but it's been a grand journey.

We also have a group of wonderful people who work hard alongside us, without whom we wouldn't be where we are today. Our faith keeps us grounded, our little family keeps us running around in happy, sticky circles and Tava & Talikins keeps us busy - and we love it!

We have been blessed with an awesome group of lovely customers and we just love being out and about and seeing so many now-familiar faces!  Your feedback is always more than welcome and your support and enthusiasm is humbling and inspiring. Thank you so much, you're an awesome bunch of customers and we are honored that you're wearing our gear!!

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave your comments!

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If you have a wholesale query please contact us.

Agnes & Brian with Family

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